3D Tetris Nails Tutorial


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the game Tetris, back on the day when flip phones used to be a thing (LOL)! Today we’re celebrating the good old times through this amazing nail art tutorial. Just grab some square nail art studs and let’s get into it!!

Step by Step 3D Tetris  Nails Tutorial:

1- After applying a base coat on all your nails, paint them black with one or two coats of polish.

2- Once everything is dry, apply a bit of top coat in the corners of your nails (one at a time) and create little geometrical patches by placing some studs of the same color together. It helps if you google some images of the game and try to reproduce the patterns.

3- Finish everything off by applying a top coat.

Your nails might look a bit nerdy but that doesn’t mean they are bad… It will probably make you look insightful! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Video Tutorial 3D Tetris  Nails: