Animal print nail art.


Girls who, like myself, love animal prints, today this nail art tutorial is just for you!! When doing your nails do you ever feel indecisive when it comes to picking a print? You no longer need to worry about that because we got the solution! Why choosing just one when you can wear all of them, and best of everything… at the same time?
You are curious, aren’t you? You only have to follow the tutorial down below and you’ll figure out what I’m talking about!

Step by step animal print nail art:

  • As you might already know, the first step is always applying a base coat on all your nails.
  • Now that your fingernails are protected, it’s time to start from your thumb.
    First of all you’ll do a French nail art with a roundish shape at the tip. To do that use the “Bianco Puríssimo” nail polish from Risqué.
    Then, using a fine tip brush and a black nail polish make several irregular stripes, imitating a zebra print.
  • For your middle finger nail repeat the French nail art process in white, with the same black nail polish and fine tip brush make some irregular dots. This nail will represent a cow print.
  • As for your ring finger use a fine tip brush and a brown nail polish to make the same irregular dots, even though this nail will represent a giraffe print.
  • On your pinkie make a French nail art with a dark orange nail polish and then make some irregular black stripes similar to the zebra’s. This will represent a tiger print.
  • Last but not least, the index finger. Start out by doing a French nail art in yellow and brown. Then make several dots using a golden nail polish, finally contour the little dots with black nail polish. You’ll get a jaguar print!
    – Finish off by applying your top coar…DONE!

Vídeo Tutorial: