Black and golden nails


Hello girls, how are you doing? We hope you are all doing great! Let your friends know about the tips you find here, they also deserve to know about these little secrets! As we know that you all love nail art tutorials that you can do at home, here it comes!

Today’s look is really simple, easy to do and very classy, because black and golden will always be a trend! So if you want to have amazing nails for a party or even just for an everyday look stay with us and follow the tutorial down below.



  • The first step, as you all know, is protecting your nails. So don’t forget to start out by applying a base coat on all your nails.
  • Now that your nails are protected, let’s apply your base color– the beautiful, traditional and amazing black. In case you have a see-through black nail polish we suggest that you apply a double coat because we need a solid base.
  •  All set, let’s start by your ring finger which will be totally golden. Apply a top coat on your black nail polish, and then place the golden glitter pieces all over your nail. We suggest that you use round-shaped glitter to get that amazing final result.
  • For the following step you will need scotch tape for the remaining nails. Firstly, to get rid of that extra tape stickiness place it on your hand and after removing it place it diagonally on your nail. Then grab another piece, get rid of the extra glue and place it on the other side of your hand but the other way around, creating a little triangle close to your cuticle.
  • Now you just have to cover that little triangle with a golden glitter nail polish. Wait a few seconds and carefully remove the scotch tape.
  • Repeat this step on all the other nails and, to give that shiny final touch, apply a top coat and…. DONE! Your black and golden nail art is done and you’re ready to rock!