Blue Ombre Nails – step by step tutorial


Hello girls, everything’s alright? I hope so! We want to know if you like our designs and if you have any suggestion you would like to see here. In case you do, you just have to leave it in the comments and we will try to grant all your wishes. So, let’s go
Today’s design is super easy, gorgeous, famous and elegant.

You cannot only wear it for an everyday look but also during work or even for a wedding with a turquoise dress, for example. It’s really versatile and as I already said really easy to do!
Even for those of you who are starting now can try it out because it’s going to work out, you are going to be surprised by the result! Let’s jump right into it!

▪ As you all know, the first step is always protecting your nails with a strengthening base coat, it not only helps in their growth and fortification but also guaranteeing the nail polish’s durability.
▪ For this design we’re going to use three different hues of blue, so get them ready for this and let’s go. Start out by painting all your nails in the lightest hue of blue you got.
▪ After that we are going to do a mess, so we recommend the use of scotch tape or even a mixture of white glue and water, around your nails, to reduce your time tidying up
▪ Once done with that let’s go for the famous sponge technique. Make three stripes with the three hues of blue we previously chose. Make the stripes from the lightest to the darkest.
▪ Now you just have to gently dab the sponge onto your nails. If the colors on the sponge start to fade away apply more nail polish onto it, respecting that order.
▪ We recommend that your repeat this process twice, making two layers on each nail but you can do as many as you wish.
▪ Then you just have to remove the scotch tape, clean up the smudges and apply an extra-shine top coat.