Cat Eyes Nail Art Tutorial


Hello, hello! Today’s tutorial is somehow sexy but still fun. Curious? Just stay tuned and find out how you can reproduce this nail art.

Step by step Cat Eyes Nail Art Tutorial:
1- Paint your ring and middle finger yellow. Paint the other nails black. You might want to apply a second coat of nail polish for a more solid color.

2- Grab a sponge and apply a green stripe onto it, followed by a yellow and another green one. Dab it onto your yellow nails. It is important that you always use the same motion otherwise you’ll mix the colors. You just got an amazing ombre effect! Also, you might want to use scotch tape or liquid latex to protect the area around your nails.

3- Dip a fine-tip brush into black nail polish and draw the outlines of the cat eyes on the ombre nails. Draw the corners of the eyes at the extremities of your nails.

4- Paint the rest of the nail that isn’t the eye black. Draw the pupils as a line coming from the upper part of the eye and add a small white dot right beside them for the light effect.

5- Cover every nail with a top coat. Be extra careful with the nails where the eyes are, so you won’t smudge anything.

Creepy, sexy and glamorous at the same time. Did you ever think you could combine these three characteristics in the same nail art?