Christmas Nail Art – Polar Bear


Hello there! Are you already getting cozy on your fluffy Christmas sweaters? To get you even more ready for the holyday season we decided to bring you a super fun nail art tutorial. It’s super easy to do and the result is amazing. Honestly… what’s cuter than a polar bear in a scarf?

Christmas Nail Art – Polar Bear STEP BY STEP:
1- What’s always the first step? Yes, you guessed it! Apply a base coat on all your nails so you’ll have healthy nails for our upcoming New Year’s Eve nail art tutorials

2- Paint 2/3 of your nails with white nail polish creating a half-moon shape starting from the tip of your nails so there will be no nail polish near your cuticles. You might want to apply a second coat for a more opaque result

3- The magic happens in your ring finger! Grab a dotting tool and it dip in the same white polish to make the little ears of the polar bear which will be placed on the round shape near you cuticle, one on each side

4- With a smaller dotting tool or even a toothpick, grab a black nail polish and make dots for the nose, eyes and mouth right in the middle of the white shape that is a soon-to-be polar bear

5- With the same instrument dipped in red nail polish make little strips along the polar bear’s neck and don’t forget the hanging sleeves! Also you might want to make some frayed thread at the end of the sleeves with some blue nail polish and using the same technique

6- For the other 4 nails, make some red and green dots alternating the colors around the white roundish shape.

7- Finish everything off with a top coat!

Merry Christmas!