Colorful Glitter Lightning Nails


Winter is here so get ready for some storms! Even tough thunderbolts might look a little scary they are beautiful as well. So why not do an inspired manicure on them? It’s gotta be sparkly so grab some glitter and jelly nail polish and let’s get into it!

Step by step Colorful Glitter Lightning Nails:
1- Top coat on, let’s paint those babies with some silver glitter nail polish!

2- Once that’s dry, cup up some pieces of striping tape and place them on your nails like thunderbolts.

3- Paint your nails black and remove the striping tape before the polish dries.

4- Wait until everything is dry and with the help of a fine-tip brush and three colors of jelly nail polish fill in the lines of the thunderbolt, creating a sequence of three colors.

5- Finish of by applying a fine layer of top coat on all your nails!

You are ready to match this stormy season! Have a nice winter.

Video Tutorial Colorful Glitter Lightning Nails: