Easy Double Triangle Nail Art


Winter has arrived! To warm up this cold weather colors such as burgundy and golden can do wonders… at least to lift up your morale!

Step by step Easy Double Triangle Nail Art

1- After applying your base coat, paint your nails in a burgundy shade.

2- Grab two pieces of masking tape and place them at the bottom of you ring finger creating a triangle. Within that same triangle create a smaller one with striping tape.

3- Apply some golden nail polish onto a sponge and dab it onto your ring finger. Remove the masking and striping tape before the nail polish dries.

4- Repeat the same process for your middle finger but this time do it in the opposite way. The base of the triangle will be at the tip of your nail.

5- Cover everything with a top coat, so it last longer.

Beautiful and delicate, isn’t it? Tell us what you think about this manicure and don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. Have a nice day!