Easy Stone Marble Nail Art


Hello cuties! This tutorial will fit all sorts of occasions. From a day at work to a girls’ night out. Plus, it is SUPER EASY to do! Let’s get into it.

Step by step Easy Stone Marble Nail Art:
1- After applying a base coat, apply a white base color.

2- Dab some gray nail polish onto a plastic plate. Scrunch up a piece of plastic (garbage bags work perfectly!) and dip it into the gray nail polish. Remove the excess by simply dabbing the plastic onto the plate. Finally, dab it onto your nails.

3- Apply the same gray nail polish three to four times into a cup of water. Don’t worry if it doesn’t spread out because you’ll be spraying some hair spray into the cup from about 10 to 12 inches away.

4- Dip your nails into the cup. You might want to use some scotch tape or liquid latex to make your cleaning up easier.

5- This step is totally optional but it’ll give a more realist look to your manicure. Grab some acetone and a fine-tip brush to fade out some of the gray lines.

Your nails look great! Stay tuned for some more amazing tutorials.