Fan Brush Striped Nail Art


Hello girls, today we bring to you a very beautiful decoration, different of everything you have ever seen, and the best of all, it’s an easy decoration. Even the less experienced girls will be able to do!
So if you liked that idea get there and check following the step by step of a decoration made with fan brush – the effect is amazing girls!

Step by Step Fan Brush Striped Nail Art:

  • Begin by applying an empowering based on all your nails, to protect them from any harm that may cause the enamel.
  • Then apply a layer of enamel in blue-green color, very light.
    And make sure that the bristles of your brush – can be the ones that you use in makeup – are well separated from each other. This is essential to ensure the end result of our decor.
  • After that, on a flat surface, place a little of the same blue enamel used on the basis of our decor, a bit of a pink enamel and also a bit of dark blue enamel.
  • Water only the tips of the brush on the pink enamel, and pass it carefully on all nails, horizontally. If necessary wet the brush more than once in the enamel.
  • Then do the same, through the enamel in light blue color and drawing, the horizontal lines in all nails.
    Remember that the lines should overlap the lines made in pink, previously, but should not hide the pink lines. The two should remain visible.
  • Then repeat the same process with the dark blue enamel, taking the same care that it does not “erase” the other lines.
  • Finally, to give a more elaborate aspect repeat the lines in the three colors, overlapping each other.
  • To finish wipe the messy around the nails, apply an extra base glow to finish and … There you go!

Our decor is all ready! Super easy, fast and very beautiful. Is worth doing girls!