Gold Swirl Nails Tutorial.


Today we bring you a very glamorous nail art tutorial that you will certainly enjoy! It’s a combination of black and gold which are two perfect colors for this upcoming season! But what’s fun and different about this manicure is that you will mix the colors creating a swirl! It might sound complicated but is in fact super easy to do. Let’s get into it!!

Step By Step Gold Swirl Nails Tutorial:

1- After applying you favorite top coat. Paint one of your nails with excess black nail polish.

2- Don’t let the polish dry and with a gold nail polish make a line running down the middle of your nail with a small gap in the middle. Do the same thing horizontally and don’t fill in the gap! You have just created four golden shapes on your nail.

3- While the nail polish is still wet, with the help of a fine-tip brush push the four golden shapes into the middle of the gap.

4- Create a circle by dragging the brush in a clockwise motion in the middle of your nail. Lift up the brush and create a bigger circle around the one you just did by dragging the brush in an anticlockwise motion.

5- Repeat the previous step around 4 times until you see a swirl on the whole surface of your nail.

That’s how you get this beautiful effect! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Vídeo Tutorial Gold Swirl Nails Tutorial: