Hello Kitty Nails


Hi girls, hope you are enjoying our suggestions of nails arts!
Today you will learn an amazing nail decoration…
This is for those girls who love the design of the famous Hello Kitty doll – internationally well known.
Let’s learn a tutorial Hello Kitty nail decoration. So without further ado, let’s go!

Step by step Hello Kitty Nails:

  • After the preparation of the nails – with cuticles removed and the nails properly sanded – apply first, a base to protect your nails.
  • Then start applying a pink nail polish coat on all nails except the nail of the ring finger.
  • In our “only child” nail make a thick French tip with the glaze in white – it will be the basis for the face of our Hello Kitty.
  • Then apply a dry polish in all the nails and next, another layer of pink glaze – the pink that we previously used.
  • Now on the white French tip, and with a glaze in black and a fine-tipped brush, make two small lines in the middle of the nail that will serve as eyes for our doll.
  • Made the eyes, our Hello Kitty also need a nose. To do this make a small dot in yellow in the middle of the black dots, made previously.
  • Then it’s time to do the whiskers. So, make three small and thin lines with black glaze on each side of her face.
  • Finally it’s time to draw the bow of our beautiful doll.
    To draw the bow you can start with a dot in the corner of the “head” of the Hello Kitty and then draws a small triangle of each side.
  • And… There you go! If you want, you can also apply a brilliant base to complete your decor.

nail helo kitty