How To Apply Liquid Lipstick


Liquid lipstick is one of those little things in your life that can do wonders! The thing is that it is kind of hard to apply… I mean, not anymore because with the help of this tutorial the struggle will soon be over. Just stay tuned!

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick step by step:

1- Start out by cleaning up your lips from any makeup residue. It is very important that you exfoliate your lips from time to time with a tooth brush and light motions. Also, apply some lip balm before you go apply the liquid lipstick.

2- Apply some product up to the top middle of your cupid’s bow. It will serve as a guide line so you won’t over draw your lips too much.

3- Fill in and outline the rest of the cupid’s bow with a small lip brush.

4- Grab the lipstick wand and firmly drag it from the corner of your mouth into the middle of your lip, connecting the lines.

5- Fill in the middle of you bottom lip creating a downward “c” shape which curves along your lip.

6- Place the applicator wand in the corner of your lip and drag to the middle. Fill in the missing areas with a firm stroke to create a more opaque color.

7- You might want to clean up the area around your lips with a small brush and bit of canceller.

You just added the perfect pop of color your makeup need! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have a nice day.

Video Tutorial: