Jelly Glitter Gradient Nail Art + DIY


Jelly nail polish is officially a trend! It creates a really nice see-through effect. Today we not only bring you an amazing tutorial but also a DIY where you can learn how to make your own jelly nail polish! The design we are about to show you is extremely colorful and everyone will notice how gorgeous your nails are!

Step By Step Jelly Glitter Gradient Nail Art + DIY:
1- After applying the good-old base coat, paint all your nails silver. You might want to apply two or three coats for a more solid color.

2- For the next step, we advise you to protect the area around your nails with some scotch tape or liquid latex. Dab some silver glitter onto a makeup sponge and dab it onto your nails. Repeat this process a couple of times so your nails will be covered in glitter.

3- Grab another makeup sponge and make a jelly gradient by applying first a stripe of blue, followed by a green, yellow and pink one. Dab it onto your nails and repeat the process more than one time for a more opaque look.

4- Seal in everything with a top coat!

DIY Jelly Nail Polish

Add a few drops of cheap nail polish into a bottle of top coat and shake it up a bit.
You’ll have to do it four times because you’ll need blue, green, yellow and pink to make the gradient. The result of this DIY will be more of a sheer look, so you will have to dab it onto the makeup sponge more times than with the jelly polishes from a store.

That’s such an edgy modern nail art, isn’t it? Hope you liked the little treat at the end. Tell us in the comments down below if you would like to see more DIYs. Bye!

Video Tutorial Jelly Glitter Gradient Nail Art + DIY: