Kitty Nail Art


Hello beautiful girls! I hope everything is well with you and that you are adopting our suggestions.
Today we go to another beautiful tutorial, cool and very funny. This goes especially for the girls who like to be different, who like to show funny decorations on the nails.
That’s right that you read girls, let’s do a decor inspired by the famous kitty, admit that is very cute girls right ?!
So enough talk and let’s get to what really matters! Our kitty!

Kitty Nail Art step by step:


  • Begin by applying a protective basis of all the nails to protect and strengthens them.
  • Then we will make the basis of our decoration applying a white enamel on all the nails. Remember that this white will represent the little body of the cow, so it has to be well white. So if your enamel is somewhat transparent apply two or more coats.
  • Then we will make the stains of our kitty. With the help of a toothpick or a fine-tipped brush make several stains along all the nails – except the nail of the ring finger, our “only child”. Remember that stains of real cows are irregular, those of your nails should also be. Do not worry about perfection.
  • Now it’s time to decorate the nail of the ring finger. For this, do a half moon on the tip of the nail with a glaze in light pink color – this will be the muzzle of our animal.
    Then, with the help of the brush, make two small and thin risks in the center of the nail, which will be the eyes of our kitty.
    Then make two balls with black enamel in the center of her nose where we painted with the pink previously.
  • As the real cow face also has black spots, do some stains with black enamel on the nail of the ring finger.
  • To finish it you only have to clean the messy around the nails, apply a brilliant finisher base, and voila! Our decor based on kitty is ready!
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