Marbled nails – to wipe out the doubts


Hello my beautiful!
Today our subject is the famous and beautiful marbled nails.
All of you must have heard this decorating style and certainly have tried, successfully or unsuccessfully, to reproduce this same model at home.
Well, as we are always showing models of nails decorated with this technique, there are many doubts, because not all girls can do it alone.
So if you are also those who never managed to make the glaze be perfect as in the videos that we show, stay awhile that from this tutorial all your questions will be clarified!
So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Marbled nails – to wipe out the doubts step by step:

  • Remember that this is a simple model, because what we really want is that you learn the little tricks.
    The first step, after applying the empowering based on all the nails, is to pass one or more layers of an enamel in white to serve as a basis for our decor.
  • After that it’s time to start the “mess”.
    The first trick is of the water, it must be cold to the decoration works out!
    So put cold water into a glass, preferably of plastic, and then start to drop glazes interspersed with different colors.
    In our model we are using only two colors, red and white – the glazes can be the ones that you normally use, but they can not be resected.
  • After putting the drops of enamel that you find necessary, in the colors that you want, it’s time to make the design that we want.
    At this stage the trick is to never get on the trailing edge of “enamel cream”! You should place the brush on the edge of the nail polishes but within the “cream”.
  • Then just put the nails into the cup so that the most beautiful part of the enamel take the nails and apply an extra base shine on the nails and it is ready!

Well girls, with these little tricks you can do the design of any marbled nail!

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