Mickey Mouse Nail Art


Hello girls, how are you? Are you enjoying our decorations? I hope so!
Who over there is not in love with Disney and the famous mega designs that captivate adults and children around the world?
I think anyone … All drawings by Disney are really a success. And, of course in this list is the unique Mickey Mouse, the drawing of a little mouse that is the charm in person.
Well, our today’s decorating suggestion goes especially for girls who, like me, are passionate about this personage.
We prepared a tutorial super easy, fast and very beautiful so that all you are able to do at home.
So enough talk and let’s get to it!

Mickey Mouse Nail Art step by step:

  • As usual, first apply an empowering basis of all the nails to ensure the protection of the same.
  • Then paint all the nails – except the nail of the ring finger, which will be our “only child” – with an enamel in white. If your glaze is too transparent, apply more than one layer.
    In the nail of the ring finger, apply a glaze in black.
  • Now it’s time to draw that famous symbol of Mickey’s little ears.
    To do this we need a fine-tipped stick. Let’s draw in black on the nails that we painted in white and vice versa.
    Then start making a ball of average size in the white nail tip, and then draw two more dots smaller than the first one on each side of the larger ball – simulating little ears.
  • Now in the middle finger nail going to do several “Mickey’s” with the same technique as taught previously, using the white enamel.
  • Finally you simply apply an extra base brightness on all nails – if you want, of course – and … voila!
    This is a super soft, easy and very beautiful decoration, very worth a try!