Minimalistic Nail Art


Hello there beauties! How are you? By following along this tutorial you’ll achieve a very classy delicate look. It’s practically effortless so your manicure won’t take you very long. Without further ado… let’s get into it!!

Minimalistic Nail Art step by step:
1- After applying your base coat stick a French nail art sticker on every one of your nails. Place them in different positions.

2- With a grayish nail polish fill in the sections. You might want to apply a second coat for a more opaque effect. Remove the stickers while the nail polish is still wet.

3- Outline the gray sections with a golden striper. Place some tiny pearls and beads along the outline for a fancy touch.

4- Finish off by applying a top coat.

They look great, don’t they? If you can show us your result by posting a picture in the comment section down below. Have a nice day!