Nail Art Strawberry in 3D


Hello girls!
I hope you are enjoying our tips. Remembering that you can and should share all our tips with your friends, they will love it!
Today our decorating suggestion is beautiful, creative and very different from other models you’ve ever seen there.
That’s right, I’m sure you all be thrilled with this beautiful decoration … It is a Strawberry Shortcake in 3D. Yeah, I know that you may have seen several strawberry decorations around, but in 3D is one of the few.
So enough talk and let’s get to it!

Nail Art Strawberry in 3D Step by step:

  • As the girls who accompany us already may know, the first step in all our decorations is to ensure the protection of our nails. Therefore, it is necessary to apply an empowering basis before any decor.
  • After that apply a red enamel on all your nails, the tone should be as similar as possible to a real strawberry, open and vibrant.
    Remembering that, if necessary, you can apply more than one layer of glaze, until the color becomes uniform as well.
  • After the red glaze is already dry, apply on it a base layer – may be the one that you normally use.
    Even with wet basis use a round toothpick tip to make various dots on the nails. Remember that is just to tap lightly on the enamel that the 3D effect will be perfect.
  • To give that more real aspect to our design, we need to draw the leaves of our strawberry, is not it?
    To do this use a glaze green and a fine-tipped brush to make small traces near the cuticle.
  •  And … Voilá !! Our decor with strawberries in 3D is all ready! If you want you can apply an extra base brightness to finally but it is not necessary.