Nail Art with Sippy


Hello girls!
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Today we go to another nail decoration tutorial.
We can say that the model of today is a true work of art, worthy of a diva. So you better stick around and check all the tutorial because I’m sure that you will love this decoration. As I said it is a true work of art!
Calls all the womenfolk at home and press the play!

Nail Art with Sippy step by step:

  • Begin by applying an empowering based on all your nails to ensure the protection and the beauty of them. And let the enameling!
  • The first step is to apply a blue enamel on all nails except on the nails of the middle finger and of the ring finger.
    Remember that if your enamel is too transparent, you will need more than one coat.
  • In the nail of the middle and of the ring finger, make a base with white enamel, for the color that comes next stands out.
    How will we make a lot of mess – that delicious mess ahah – advise you to use the adhesive tape around the nails.
  • Now let’s use a straw, those of the cafeteria to make our art.
    To do this, rub a little blue enamel on one of the straw tips, then is only aiming on the nails and .. blow the straw!
    Do not forget to put some paper down, because otherwise it will be a total mess!
    Repeat this process as many times as you feel necessary until the color stay on your taste.
  • As our art has not only blue, so let´s to the second color. For this cut the tip of the straw and choose a red enamel of your choice, put on one end of and blow on the nail.
  • Time to repeat all over again with black color.
  • Finally remove the adhesive tape, clean the possible mess and apply an extra base brightness. There you go! Our artwork is ready!

Do you like it?