Newspaper Nail Art


Hi girls!
Many of you have already heard about the nail decor made with newspaper, right? But, I believe that not all know how to do it.
So therefore, we decided to bring you today the complete tutorial of this newspaper nail art.
If you like different, unusual and very beautiful decorations, you will absolutely love our suggestion.
You should already be well curious, so let’s get to it!

Newspaper Nail Art step by step:

  • The first step, as usual, is to apply a base coat empowering to protect and strengthen your nails. Then apply one or two layers of a light-colored enamel. In our case we used a glaze nude / color of old to give a further cool appearance to the nails.
  • Now to transfer the newspaper’s letters to the nails is very simple.
    You will need a container with alcohol – the famous ethyl alcohol – and 10 small pieces of papers – containing letters, preferably.
    Start by inserting a nail at a time, into the container with alcohol, wait a few seconds and remove your finger.
    Once you remove the nail of the alcohol immediately press the piece of newspaper on the still wet nail, and wait a few seconds – about 15 to 20 seconds.
    After this time, carefully remove the nail newspaper strip and you will already notice that the letters were stamped on the enamel applied previously.
  • Repeat the same process on all nails, without exception.
  • To protect our decoration and for the letters do not leave the nails apply a finisher based on all nails. Expect the same dry and … voila!
    Our decor with newspaper is all ready!
    What do you think girls? Is very easy, is not it? So no excuses, because even the beginners girls can play this style at home.
    Write and tell us how about your result.