Pink and Black Yin Yang Nail Art


Hello girls, I hope all is well with you!

Are you enjoying our decorations? If you have suggestions of the models that you would like to see here just leave in the comments that we will meet all, as far as possible.
So let´s go to another beautiful and very charming decoration.
Today’s model is inspired by the famous yin yang, harmony, balance, and of course, the charm as well.
So stay around and keep reading because certainly you will love this decoration.
Let´s goo!

Step by step Pink and Black Yin Yang Nail Art:

  • The first step of our decor is to protect and strengthen the nails, so first apply a base coat in empowering all nails.
  • Then choose a very cheerful pink enamel and apply in all nails.
    If your enamel is too transparent apply two coats of the enamel.
  • Wait for the pink nail polish dry and then do a little wave, vertically, with black enamel – use a fine-tipped brush to do this.
  • After the wave made, filling out all over in black making a combined two colors – black and pink.
  • Then use a fine-tipped stick and make a small pink dot on black enamel and vice versa. These points should be contrary to each other.
    At this stage you already be able to see our beautiful yin yang format.
  • After that it’s just clean the messy around the fingers – you can use a cotton with acetone or else a wet brush in acetone – and apply a finisher base to firmly secure the decor.
  • Finally, and only if you want, apply a brilliant base with silver glitter on all nails and it is ready!
    Our decor yin yang is all ready!
    So no excuses girls, it is very easy decor and you can reproduce this model at home even if you are not a manicure or a professional decorator.

Pink and Black Yin Yang Nail Art 2