Pink Rose Romantic Nails


Hello my beautiful girls!
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Today our decorating tip is especially for the romantic and delicate girls, who love the simple and gentle decorations.
If you fit in this profile, stay awhile and I’m sure you will love our today’s decor.

Step by step Pink Rose Romantic Nails:

  • After applying a protective base in all nails, pass a layer of pink enamel very light and delicate in all your nails.
  • If your enamel is too transparent apply a second coat of color to make uniform the result.
  • Then we need two more pink enamels – stronger than the first and with a tonality next to each other – an enamel in cream-colored and two other in green color – a darker and the other with a lighter shade .
    Ping all these glazes on a flat surface and we will start drawing our roses.
  • With the darker pink enamel, and with the help of a fine-tipped brush, make 3 medium balls on each nail, near the cuticle. Make the ball of the centerbigger than the another two balls.
  • After that use the pink enamel on the lighter tone to make the details within the roses. To do this simply make a few small circles with the brush and enamel inside the polka dots.
  • Then do several sheets next to our roses using the light green enamel and the dark green.
  • Then apply various bits of glitter among the flowers, you can use the famous fish scale enamel to do this.
  • To finish simply apply a drying and brilliant base, and all ready!
    Our super romantic and very beautiful decor is all ready!