Rainbow Nail Art with Clouds


That’s right girls, today we bring you a beautiful decoration, colorful, cheerful and very easy to do.
We are talking about the rainbow decor with clouds. Do not think that this model is just for kids because it fits very well to all ages and is great for any occasion.
So if you like of the different decorations and that draw attention, stay awhile and you’ll love our today´s suggestion.
Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Rainbow Nail Art with Clouds step by step:

  • Begin by applying an empowering basis of all the nails and then a glaze in white color only in the middle finger nail. Ideally is to apply two coats of the color.
  • In the remaining nails, apply a glaze in light blue color. Remembering that we need a uniform effect, so apply 2 or 3 coats if you enamel is too transparent.
  • Now, with a fine-tipped brush and various glazes we will do our rainbow in the middle finger nail.
    Start by making a small bow with the color blue, followed by the green, yellow, orange, purple and finally the last bow in pink.
    Recalling that the colors should be fine living and about the same thickness, at all in real life all the colors have the same size.
  • In the remaining nails, with the base in blue, we draw multiple clouds to form our decoration. To do this use a fine-tipped stick and a glaze in white to draw small balls and put them together, forming “clouds”.
    Draw between 3 or 4 clouds on each nail to get a cool effect.
  • Finally apply an extra base brightness in the blue nails with clouds and a glaze with silver glitter on the middle finger nail.
    And … there you go! Our rainbow decoration with clouds is all ready!