Red Ombre Lip Tutorial


This trend has been everywhere lately, so same of you guys might be wondering how to get this beautiful ombre lips. It might not look like it but it is actually super easy to do. You just need a couple of products and a little time!

Step Step Red Ombre Lip Tutorial:

1- Grab your foundation brush and smoothly blend the product left in it onto your lips.

2- Outline and fill in the corners of your lips with a burgundy lip liner. Leave the center of your lips bare. The thickness of the line is totally up to you. If you want a bigger lip you’ll want to keep it thin.

3- Apply a matte red lipstick on the center of your lips and a little on the sides. Then you just have to press your lips five to ten times.

4- Deepen up the corners of your lips with some more lip liner. Make sure everything is blended.

5- With some foundation and a small brush clean up the lines along your lip.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. See you soon with a brand new one!