Reverse Ombré Stripe Nails


Hello there beauties! Today’s tutorial is super easy to do. You can choose your own set of colors to match the season or the upcoming holidays.

Reverse Ombré Stripe Nails STEP BY STEP:

1- Apply a top coat of your choice. That way your nails will be protected from all the chemicals in the nail polish!

2- Grab a makeup sponge and dab four different colors of nail polish on it. Make a square of each color, creating a bigger square. You might what to protect the area around your nails with some liquid latex or scotch tape before dabbing it on your nails.

3- After everything is dry, randomly place some pieces of striping tape on all your nails.

4- Give a nice coat of white nail polish to all your nails and remove the striping tape before the polish dries.

5- Finish off by applying a top coat to protect your manicure.

It was that easy! Stay tuned for some upcoming holiday nail arts. I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.