Shattered Glass Nail Art


This nail art is as cool as its name sounds! You might not be expecting this but this manicure is actually SUPER EASY to do. You just need to grab some weird named plastic (iridescent cellophane) which you can find at most dollar stores in the present wrapping section. I bet you’re all pretty excited for this tutorial, so let me just stop blabbering about it and get down to business!

Step By Step Shattered Glass Nail Art:

1- Cut some sharp pieces of the plastic (iridescent cellophane) before you paint your nails. These will be your shards of glass so make sure you get some edged shapes.

2- I think that we all know the drill by now, don’t we? I will just say it anyway in case you forgot! Apply a base coat on all your nails. It does not only protect them from possible damage, such as breaking a nail (aka every girls’ nightmare) but also increases the durability of your manicure!

3- Paint your nails black and once that’s dry apply a top coat.

4- Before the top coat gets a chance to dry, place the pieces of plastic on your nails. Clip off the pieces that are hanging off. Press everything down to make sure all the pieces are lying flat.

5- Finish off by applying a top coat for a glossy effect.

It was that easy! Through these easy five steps you just achieved an amazing manicure. Have a nice day and see you soon with another amazing nail art tutorial!

Video Tutorial Step By Step Shattered Glass Nail Art