Shiny Blue Leopard Print Nail Art


Today we return to the mega success of nails with animal print, more specifically the leopard nail.

So, if you are also a fan of this model, stay here and check out this super beautiful decor.

Step by step Shiny Blue Leopard Print Nail Art:

  • Begin by applying a base coat in empowering all nails to strengthen and makes them even more beautiful.
  • Now with the help of a brush or a pointed stick do the famous dashes leopard print, with black enamel. To do this simply make a half moon, in fact various. The idea is to fill one of the sides of the nail and also part of the tip of the nail.
    Make these prints on the thumbnails, middle finger and also the minimum, i.e. an nail yes and the other not.
  • Now with a blue enamel on a clear tone, make small dots in the middle of each half-moons designed previously. Be careful to not overwrite the black, the idea is that the blue be only within the black lines.
  • Then apply the same blue enamel in the other two remaining nails. If necessary apply more than one enamel layer – until the result be very uniform.
  • After that you simply apply a bright enamel layer, preferably with silver glitter in all nails, both the blue and the nails that are only with leopard print.
  • There you go! To finalize wipe the messy around the nails and apply just a finisher base layer in all the nails to give that extra shine to our decor.
    And … all ready!
    We have a design based on the famous print of leopard with a super current version and very beautiful.
    So do not forget to try this decoration at home, girls. Oh, and do not forget to send us your photos of your results.
    Kisses and see you soon!