Studded Nail Art For Fall


Do you like the 3D effect of studs? If you do, you’ve just found the perfect tutorial! Today’s suggestion brings you the warm colors of this season. Don’t worry if your manicure will look too crowded because we’re only using studs on three nails. Grab your nail polishes and let’s get into it!

Step By Step Studded Nail Art For Fall:
1- The first and most important step of any manicure is always applying a base coat to protect your nails from possible damage caused by the nail polish.

Index finger

2- Paint you index finger beige. You might want to apply two to three coats for a more solid color.

3- Make some black polka dots on the right half of your nail by dipping a tooth pick into some black polish and then pressing it onto your nail.

4- Before placing striping tape down the middle of your nail, apply a top coat that way you won’t make a mess in case something goes wrong! And remember that it is totally normal to mess up sometimes!

5- Once you’ve placed striping tape down the middle of you nail, paint the left half red. Remove the striping tape before the red nail polish dries.

6- Apply a thin layer of top coat down the middle of your nail and with the help of some tweezers place five gold studs along that line. Make sure you’ve the same spacing between them.

Middle finger

7- For this nail you are going to do the exact same thing you just did for your index finger but with the exception that you’ll be switching sides. This means that the right half of your nail will be covered in polka dots and the left one will be painted in red.

Ring finger

8- Consider this nail a treat! You just need to apply two or three coats of red nail polish on you nail.
Pinky finger
9- Apply two to three coats of beige nail polish on you pinky nail.

10- Make some polka dots all over your nail using the same method used for your index finger.

11- Apply a layer of top coat and before that gets a chance to dry, place a gold stud down your nail near the cuticle.

That was a lot of work, wasn’t it? Totally worth it though!! I hope you loved the design. Stay tuned for more amazing nail art tutorials.

Video Tutorial Step By Step Studded Nail Art For Fall: